Nuit Blanche 2008: Team Wasted Bashment 2

Nuit Blanch 2008 was the start of something great at Rolly’s Garage.

Team Wasted Bashment 2

Toronto Graffiti artists – Yoke, Recka, Tease & Dasta – christened the walls.

Ben Fresh (Vancouver), DJ Brake, DJ Barbi, & 84.85 graced the stage.

Party goers of all legal ages got sweaty on the dance floor.


A peek inside

The night was supposed to end with a surprise performance by Times Neue Roman & Styrofoam Ones, who were playing out of the back of a U-Haul at various places around the city. They were going to slowly back in and roll open their doors, as the Rolly’s Garage doors would open to reveal the surprise. It would have been epic.



Hey Mr. DJ


But then instead, the night ended with a visit from a million cops on bikes and in cruisers.

It was done.

But the legend had already begun.




For more photos visit:


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