Styrofoam Ones 7″ Vinyl Release

Styrofoam Ones  –  Toronto band with a sound that’s undefinable but sure to make you lose it on the dancefloor  –  drew hundreds of Toronto’s coolest personalities to the garage, who were nothing but ready to get down on the ground.

Pink Dead Whale, Stop Die Resuscitate & DJ Vaneska also entertained the happy crowd that included proper representation by MTV & Sony and beyond.

Styrofoam Ones

The vibe

the happy crowd

This summer of 2009 will hopefully see the release of their full length album. Regardless, watch out for Styrofoam Ones… they’ve been killing it, and are about to kill it some more.







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2 responses to “Styrofoam Ones 7″ Vinyl Release

  1. I had so much fun. Rolly’s is a great space!

  2. It’s SOOO Great to see this! I’m so happy I was even able to be in the East Coast when you guys rocked it out in the Garage! Dude…I’m so proud of you guys! Let’s stay in touch!


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