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CONTRAMAG ’08 Wrap Up Party

CONTRAMAG, online magazine and blog, wrapped up 2008 alongside teamsofierce and launched their second issue at Rolly’s Garage.

contra flyer

Projected images of their second issue, a Razmatazz light machine, boogie down sounds, techtonic dances and the presence of model, Stacey McKenzie, among many other Toronto socialites, set the scene for the chill vibin’ party.


Be sure to check out CONTRAMAG. The magazine aesthetic and blog content are nothing short of fly-ay-ay…. and their Tees, more than ‘rock-able’.




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November Nightfall Market

Better than a mere garage sale and reminiscent of all-nighter market places in Asia, the first Rolly’s Garage Night Market was a good vibin’, community event that tickled the hearts of many.

Lianne Alliermo sings...

Toronto artists and vendors of sorts set up shop.

Goods of all kinds, ranging from jewellry, to sneakers, to portraits drawn by an 8 year old and warm fuzzies, were up for grabs.

Hot drinks – with the option to be spiked – were served to keep everyone warm and feeling oh-so-nice.


Smooth sounds were provided by Liane Aliermo, Alexander The, Samantha Jade, Andreena Mill & Romeo Candido… all incredibly talented performers that make one proud of what is coming out of Toronto.



To get involved in the next Ossington Night Market, email : info@rollysgarage.com

We’re always looking for new performers to feature and new vendors to sell.

Tables are $40

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Styrofoam Ones 7″ Vinyl Release

Styrofoam Ones  –  Toronto band with a sound that’s undefinable but sure to make you lose it on the dancefloor  –  drew hundreds of Toronto’s coolest personalities to the garage, who were nothing but ready to get down on the ground.

Pink Dead Whale, Stop Die Resuscitate & DJ Vaneska also entertained the happy crowd that included proper representation by MTV & Sony and beyond.

Styrofoam Ones

The vibe

the happy crowd

This summer of 2009 will hopefully see the release of their full length album. Regardless, watch out for Styrofoam Ones… they’ve been killing it, and are about to kill it some more.







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